Optimizing the Power of Action Learning

By Dr. Michael Marquardt

In Leading with Questions, globally acclaimed management advisor Michael Marquardt shows how you can learn to ask the powerful questions that will generate short-term results and long-term learning and success. Throughout the book, he demonstrates how effective leaders use questions to encourage participation and teamwork, foster outside-the-box thinking, empower others, build relationships with customers, solve problems, and much more. Based on interviews with twenty-two successful leaders who lead with questions,this important book reveals how to determine which questions will lead to solutions in today’s complicated business world.

Exploitatie van de kracht van Action Learning

By: Dr. Michael Marquardt

Van Boston tot Brazilië en van Finland tot Tokyo maken uiteenlopende bedrijven als Samsung, Dow, GE, Deutsche Bank en Boeing alle gebruik an een krachtig instrument voor leren op het werk: Action Learning. Deze bedrijven hebben duizenden nieuwe producten en diensten ontwikkeld, de waliteit van hun dienstverlening verbeterd, kosten en levertijden omlaag gebracht en fundamentele veranderingen doorgevoerd in hun organisatiecultuur door de kracht van Action Learning de vrije teugel te laten. Action Learning heeft zich snel ontpopt als het primaire ereedschap van organisaties als Sodexho, Novartis en Nokia voor het oplossen van kritieke en complexe problemen, terwijl het tegelijkertijd dienst deed als belangrijke methodologie voor het ontwikkelen van leiders, het bouwen van teams en het uitbreiden van de bedrijfsmogelijkheden.

Leading Organizational Change Using Action Learning

By Arthur M. Freedman PhD and H. Skipton Leonard PhD

Organizations in all sectors and in all industries are and will continue to be confronted by the challenge of multiple changes in their external environments. For example, creation of disruptive technologies, fluctuating economies, increasing or decreasing governmental regulations, demographic shifts, human and natural disasters, expanding globalism, and aggressive competition. As the environmental landscape changes unpredictably along many different dimensions, organizations must recognize and adapt to the discontinuous threats and opportunities that these changes create. This calls for organizations themselves to change in ways that their unique histories have not prepared them. Thus, organizations today need effective tools to enable them to quickly create solutions for complex, systemic, important, unprecedented problems.

Great Solutions Through Action Learning: Success Every Time

By H. Skipton Leonard PhD and Arthur M. Freedman PhD

This book fills a conspicuous gap in the Action Learning literature – providing specific principles, strategies, and recommendations to coaches for developing the questions that are the foundation of effective Action Learning. Many other books provide the theory of Action Learning as well as recommendations for setting up Action Learning projects. In addition to this information, this volume provides the specific information that the coach needs to ensure the success of the Action Learning project. While the principles, strategies, and recommendations discussed in this book are based upon the methods developed with others at the World Institute for Action Learning, the authors provide many new practice principles and models which will be appreciated by experienced Action Learning coaches who want to be considered expert Action Learning coaches and who want to ensure the success of their Action Learning practice.

Breakthrough Problem Solving with Action Learning

By Dr. Michael Mardquardt

Breakthrough Problem Solving with Action Learning explores why and how action learning groups have been so successful and creative in solving complex problems. The text begins by briefly reviewing the theories that undergird the effectiveness of action learning, philosophically situating readers and pointing them in the direction of related academic works that they may wish to explore. It then turns to stories of how organizations have employed action learning in solving specific, often-encountered business problems. These cases not only serve as real-world models for how action learning can be successfully employed, but also offer inspiration and potential starting points and guidelines for other businesses that face similar problems. The book concludes with a cross-case analysis that pinpoints the ingredients necessary for breakthrough problem solving via action learning.