Frank Campman

Director, MarketingFrank Campman

From a specialist role, Frank once became a team leader and, over the past thirty years, has developed further as a manager, director and administrator both nationally and internationally, as an employee and as an interim manager.

The common theme in all those years is his passion for supporting and coaching people in their development and to let teams grow to a high performing team, but always with a drive for the team to achieve results that optimally contribute to the organizational goals.

To further develop his skills, Frank has followed many training courses over the years in areas such as sales, coaching and management and he is a certified Professional Action learning Coach by WIAL.

Frank completed the MBA cum laude in 2001 with specialization in strategic marketing and in multi-nationalization for organizations.

He lives with his wife and three children in the Netherlands and in his spare time enjoys dinner with his family, reading, standing on the sidelines at the boys’ sports and whenever possible gets on his bike and does cross fit.

In addition to his role as Action learning Coach, Frank is also Managing Director and Program Manager of high performing Action Learning teams at client programs of WIAL Netherlands.