WIAL-endorsed products

WIAL endorses products or tools that can support WIAL Action Learning coaches and their clients in exploring the power of Action Learning.

You are welcome to submit your product to WIAL’s education committee to seek product endorsement by filling and submitting the form at the bottom of this page.

WIAL product endorsement offers:

  • Demonstration of the product’s alignment to WIAL Action Learning Coaching within the market
  • Worldwide exposure to prospective customers looking for products in support of Action Learning coaching.

All WIAL endorsed products enjoy the benefit of carrying the WIAL logo preceded by “Endorsed by” and are displayed on the WIAL website.

Products can be physical or digital training aids such as books, card games, board games, apps, or others. WIAL does not endorse training, coaching or mentoring programs.

Dialogue Questions Cards

An excellent ice breaker activity for teams to have a great conversations and dialogue. There are over 200 interesting and thought provoking questions to create a safe space for team members to share and exchange honest views and ideas.  A powerful tool to learn about the power of questions. This can be purchased through www.facilitationstore.com or by contacting Choon Seng 

Optimizing the Power of Action Learning

The third edition of Optimizing the Power of Action Learning is the seminal book about Action Learning. The book covers both the theories and principles behind Action Learning, as well as multiple examples from organizations around the world. Can be purchased from Amazon or by contacting any of the authors Mike Marquardt, Shannon Banks, Peter Cauwelier or Choon Seng Ng.

Question Hunt

A fun game to rediscover the power of questions. Participants get creative by asking questions under certain constraints. Can be purchased through the website or by contacting Peter Cauwelier.

What’s Your Question ?

Wondering what questions to ask? This unique book catalogues 630 questions in different categories and invites the reader to use it as a workbook by completing the list in each family of questions. Can be purchased from Amazon or by contacting Choon Seng Ng.

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