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8 Reasons Why Your Organization Should Become a WIAL Action Learning Partner!

business partners Organizations, profit oriented or non-profit oriented, that support the use WIAL methodology and solutions to solve problems, develop leaders, build teams and/or transform organizations.
  • 1. Connect with the prestige and power of WIAL, the world leader in action learning
  • 2. Generate additional resources and revenues for your organization
  • 3. Expand your professional networks and outreach to every corner of the globe
  • 4. Priority assistance and support in applying the WIAL Action Learning methodology to your leadership development, team building and/or problem solving programs
  • 5. Gain discounted access to cutting-edge research and best practices in the field of action learning via WIAL publications, newsletters and conferences
  • 6. Opportunities to collaborate with WIAL leaders, coaches, partners, and clients around the world
  • 7. Reduced fees for WIAL products and services for in-­house programs and/or with your clients
  • 8. Co-­branding your products/services with WIAL

Partner Pricing

Not for Profit

Fewer than 50 employees: $250 a year
50-500 employees: $500 a year
More than 500 employees: $1,000 a year

For Profit

1-9 employees: $500 a year
10-99 employees: $1,000 a year
100-499 employees: $2,000 a year
More than 500 employees: $3,000 a year

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Conference Schedule Update

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The above WIAL Global Conference 2017 Schedule is subject to change.

Planning Your Conference

Please refer to the conference schedule on the WIAL China website for any last minute changes.

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