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The WIAL Better World Fund

The World Institute for Action Learning (WIAL) is an international organization dedicated to the advancement of Action Learning in all sectors.

In 2015, WIAL established the WIAL Better World Fund to provide Action Learning services to community-based organizations around the world. Grant recipients include organizations and individuals that are working to improve communities and lives globally. Using Action Learning, WIAL creates true partnerships, where leadership are involved in a learning process they can replicate, and recipient organizations identify their own solutions. In addition to Better World Fund grant recipients, which are selected annually, coaches from the World Institute for Action Learning provide powerful reduced rate or no cost pro-bono coaching to deserving purpose-driven organizations globally. Through this Action Learning work, these organizations solve breakthrough problems and provide even more impact.

Together We Can Make a Difference!

WIAL helps to create a better world by supporting organizations that make a positive social impact. Through delivery of probono coaching and grant funding to non-profits, social enterprises and other purpose-driven organizations, we contribute to positive outcomes globally. Learn more about some of the projects and organizations we have supported.

Partnership of the World Institute for Action Learning and International Federation of Red Cross

WIAL Gives Back supports the Thailand Entrepreneurship Club

WIAL Gives Back to the Thailand Hospital Administration Association

Grenada Red Cross discovers the power of WIAL Action Learning

WIAL Gives Back – We The Protector

WIAL GIVES BACK supports Singapore’s Centre for non-profit leadership

Singapore Book Council Team Benefited from Learning About WIAL’s Process

WIAL provides action learning coaching for The Singapore Association for the Deaf Team

Action Learning Bringing Corporates and NGOs Together

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WIAL welcomes applications from non-profit, educational and community-based organizations globally, with priority given to groups that have tax-exemption. Recipients are selected from qualifying organizations based on need and strength of application.


Get Involved

If you are an Action Learning Coach and would like to provide pro-bono coaching for the Better World Fund, click the button below.

Get Involved


Every dollar contributed to the WIAL Better World Fund is multiplied 100-fold in the following ways:

1. The powerful impact of action learning itself in quickly and effectively solving complex problems as well as simultaneously developing leaders, teams, organizations and communities.

2. The reduced fees and pro bono services provided by the WIAL certified action learning coaches

3. The in-kind contributions of the recipient community-based organizations relative to training facilities, lodging, food, and supplies.


Here is how your contribution can help the WIAL Better World Fund

$ 25 – Learning package for training 1 action learning coach

 $ 50 – Learning packages for training 2 action learning coaches

 $100 – Partial scholarship for providing 4 days of training an action learning coach

 $ 250 – Scholarship for one community leader to attend WIAL Global Conference

 $500 – Full scholarship for providing 4 days of training for one action learning coach

 $1000 – Full scholarship for training an entire action learning team of 6-8 community leaders

 $2000 – Four-day action learning program, including expenses and training fees. Donor’s name can be designated in program

 $5000 – Community or National Action Learning Program for several community-based organizations



With certified coaches living and working around the world, the World Institute for Action Learning has a positive impact internationally. Our Better World Fund and probono efforts span the globe to make a difference in local communities everywhere.