WIAL Awards Individuals and Organizations Every Year

WIAL presents awards to spectacular individuals and organizations who demonstrate Action Learning in their work. From Education to Research Papers to Large Companies to Innovations. WIAL Awards are prestigious and a true sign of achievement through Action Learning.

We offer awards in five categories: Business, Individual, Innovation, Research Excellence, and WIAL Affiliate. Information on the categories are listed below.

WIAL Award Categories

Best Application of Action Learning Award

Coaching Excellence Award

Innovation Award

Pro Bono Award

Marquardt Research Award

Business Award Criteria

Quantitative Criteria
  • Business results / performance improvements attributed to Action Learning application
  • Time period engaged in Action Learning (minimum 9 months)
  • Action Learning initiatives & resource commitment to Action Learning (e.g. people, time, $$, workshops, CALCS trained etc.
Qualitative criteria
  • Capability development results attributed to Action Learning implementation – leadership, teams, problem solving, communication, innovation etc. (must be supported by some meaningful form of evidence gathering or evaluation)
  • Top management commitment to & support of the Action Learning initiative
  • Organization learning & culture change results
  • Advocacy & promotion of Action Learning in the respective communities