A licensed consulting organizational psychologist, Dr. Arthur Freedman is widely considered a thought and practice leader in action learning team coaching as well as organization development, and consultation. Along with Dr. Skipton Leonard, Arthur was instrumental in founding the World Institute of Action Learning (WIAL). Arthur also worked closely with Skip to found Learning Thru Action LLC (LTA), a consulting firm that provides action-based solutions for developing organizations and people. In addition to conducting advanced training programs for Action Learning coaches, Dr. Freedman also heads up LTA’s efforts to plan and implement complex organizational change. Most recently, Arthur has been a Profession faculty member in the MBA Program the Carey Business School, Johns Hopkins University. He is also a Visiting Scholar, Center for Organizational Dynamics, University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Freedman earned both his B.S. and MBA at Boston University’s College of Business Administration and his Ph.D. in Personality and Clinical Psychology at the University of Chicago. Dr. Freedman has consulted throughout the world to public and private sector organizations. In addition to the US, Arthur has consulted in Dubai, Lithuania, Vietnam, Singapore, USSR/Russia, Sweden, Zimbabwe, South Africa, England, and Germany. Over his highly successful career, Arthur has received many awards: 1994 RHR International Award for Excellence in Consulting Psychology; 2007 Harry and Miriam Levinson Award for Exceptional Contributions to Organizational Consulting Psychology; Hall of Fame Award from the National Hispanic Institute in 2011; 2012 Distinguished Psychologist in Management award from the Society of Psychologists in Management; and Elliott Jaques Award for the outstanding Consulting Psychology Journal article of 1997. Arthur is also an Executive Board Member Emeritus for the World Institute for Action Learning. A prolific author and presenter, Dr. Freedman has over 125 books, book chapters, articles, and professional presentations to his credit including: Freedman, A Projects. Learning Thru Action Publishing. Leonard, S., & Freedman, A. (2013). Great solutions through action learning: success every time. Reston, VA: Learning Thru Action Publications. Leonard, H.S., Lewis, R., Freeman, A.M. & Passmore. J. (Eds.) (2013). The Wiley-Blackwell Handbook of the Psychology of Leadership, Change & OD. Chichester, UK: Wiley-Blackwell. Marquardt, M., Leonard, H.S., Freedman, A.M., Hill, C. (2009). Action learning for developing leaders and organizations: principles, strategies, and cases. Washington: American Psychological Association Press. Freedman, A.M. (2005). Swimming upstream: The challenge of managing promotions, in Filling the leadership pipeline, Rob Kaiser (Ed.). Greensboro, NC: Center for Creative Leadership.