Certified Action Learning Coach (CALC)



Graduates, of the WIAL programs, which have successfully completed all of the requirements.


CALCs can be internal or external to an organization and have a strong desire to help teams solve problems and develop using Action Learning.

Summary of CALC Requirements

Participate in Foundations

Participate in CALC1 & CALC2

Minimum 5 WIAL Talk Scenarios

Minimum two 90 minute sessions at least one getting to solution

Additional Requirements

Sample Paper

Summary of Annual Requirements to Maintain CALC Level

Submit proof of Action Learning Hours
Attend at least 1 WIAL Sanction event (or volunteer)
Volunteer actively with local Affiliate or on a WIAL committee (or attend WIAL Sanction event)
Submit a Success Story or Publish on Social Media
Validity Period: 2 years
Renewal Form

Authorized to do on Behalf of WIAL

Coach Action Learning

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