Master Action Learning Coach(MALC)


SALCs with at least WIAL 500 hours of coaching experience. They are published, presented and considered an expert in the WIAL method of Action Learning. Potential MALCs are proposed to the WIAL board by an existing MALC. A majority vote of the board


Considered a thought leader in the field of Action Learning.

Summary of MALC Requirements

Participate in Foundations
Participate in CALC1 & CALC2
Published and speaking as an Action Learning expert
Minimum 500 hours experience
Lead Foundations
Lead CALC1 & CALC2
Additional Requirements
MALC Application

Summary of Annual Requirements to Maintain MALC Level

Submit proof of Action Learning Hours
Attend at least 1 WIAL Sanction event
Lead at least 1 Foundations or CALC
Successfully Mentor a CALC
Publish or Present
Renewal Form

Authorized to do on Behalf of WIAL

Coach Action Learning
Lead Foundations
Lead CLC
Mentor CALCs and PALCs
Mentor SALCs

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