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Interpreting Action, Learning, and Experience: Integrating Action Learning and Experiential Learning for HRD

By: Roland Yeo and Dr. Michael Marquardt

This article provides a comparative analysis and critique of action learning (AL) and experiential learning (EL), identifying emerging conceptual perspectives that contribute to human resource development (HRD).

Using Action Learning for Organization Development and Change

By: Arthur M. Freedman, MBA, Ph.D., MALC

This article conveys some practical information about the application of a powerful tool, Action Learning (AL) theory, method, and skills for organization development and change (OD&C) practitioners.

The ROTAR Discipline – Enhancing the Power of Action Learning

By: Dr. Billy Coop

Simply described, Action Learning is both a process and a powerful program that involves a small group of people solving real problems while at the same time focusing on what they are learning and how their learning can benefit each group member and the organization as a whole.

Power of Action Learning

By: Dr. Bea Carson

A key component of the Action Learning process – it forces the group to fully understand the problem before moving toward defining solutions

Complex Problem Solving Through Action Learning: Implications for Human Resource Development

By: Dr. Michel Marquardt and Roland Yeo. 2012.

This paper argues that complex problems can be used as opportunities for Action Learning, and examines the interrelations between problem solving and Action Learning.

The Coach as Catalyst for Action Learning

By: Dr. Michel Marquardt

Examines the way in which the Action-Learning coach operates, how he or she builds the learning climate of the group, the distinction between the role and actions of an action-learning coach and those of a group facilitator, how and when the action-learning coach intervenes and the art and skill of asking questions.

Balancing Your Scorecard via Action Learning

By: Dr. Bea Carson

Strategic planning! Just hearing the phrase tends to trigger apprehension in most of us.

Avoiding Abilene: Breaking Out of Groupthink

By: Dr. Bea Carson

Have you been trapped in the frustration of meetings that were not functioning well?

Action Learning and Leadership

By: Dr. Michael Mardquardt

Action learning has quickly emerged as one of the most powerful and effective tools employed by organizations worldwide to develop and build their leaders.

Aim for the Fairway with Action Learning

By: Dr. Bea Carson

We’ve all heard the accolades of the power of positive thinking. So why is it we tend to focus on the negative?! Rarely do we talk about what to do, rather we talk about what not to do.

Action Learning Research: A Systematic Review and Conceptual Framework

By: Yonjoo Cho and Toby Marshall Egan

Despite considerable interest in Action Learning, no systematic investigation of Action Learning literature has been reported. Studies selected from the systematic literature review process are highlighted, and Revans’s balance issue and the quality of select studies are discussed. A conceptual framework for the future studies of action learning, key concluding themes, and the limitations of the study are also articulated.

Exploring Action Learning as a Leadership Development Tool

By: Dr. Martha Lappin, Dr. Beverly Dugan, Dr. Patricia Keenan

Components of Transformational Leadership.

Take Your Business to the Next Level

By: Jayan Warrier

Action Learning brings together groups of people with varied levels of skills and experience to analyse an actual work problem. The aim is to develop an action plan, develop mid-course corrections, and learn from the implementation of actions.