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ACTION LEARNING: A podcast episode w/ Dr. Michael Marquardt‬ on HRD Masterclass

In this first episode of Season 2, guests Dr. Michael Marquardt (Professor Emeritus, George Washington University, U.S.A.) and Dr. Cheryl Brook (University of Portsmouth, U.K.) discussed Action Learning including:
  • What Action Learning is.
  • Examples of Action Learning in organizations.
  • How Action Learning differs from other forms of learning.
  • How to introduce Action Learning into organizations.
  • What makes Action Learning so powerful.

How do I use Action Learning: A podcast episode w/ Shannon Bank‪s‬ on Training Business

WIAL Vice President Shannon Banks was interviewed for a podcast. She talked about Action Learning, how she started her training business, and where she’s taking it next.

How can Action Learning build high-performance teams

.   Peter Cauwelier shares the keys to high-performance teams and shows concrete examples of how to measure and impact team psychological safety through Action Learning.

2018 Global Conference

 . Highlights from the WIAL Global Conference 2018 in Amersfoort, Netherlands

Action Learning and Design Thinking

. How do Action Learning and Design Thinking support each other?

Action Learning Case Study: Constellation Energy

. A case study of Action Learning. Changes over time.

Verieux (Vow) Mourillon WIAL Caribbean interview

. Vow Mourillon talks about Action Learning on the occasion of the publication of his book Revitalizing the Caribbean with Action Learning” !

Optimizing the Power of Action Learning 3rd Edition

. What’s new in the 3rd edition og Optimizing the Power of Action Learning. There are new authors and plenty of new stories.

What is Action Learning

. Highlights from the WIAL USA 2017 conference where participants explain what Action Learning is.

10 tips for making Action Learning Successful

. Highlights from Michael Marquardt coaching a session

Action Learning Demonstration

Highlights from Michael Marquardt coaching a session

Why is Certification Important

Why is it important that Action Learning Coaches are certified?

Why Attend a WIAL Conference

WIAL conferences, whether they are local, regional, or global, bring Action Learning to life. Participants share the camaraderie of connecting with old friends while establishing new ones. Speakers range from those focused on the theme to those focused on Action Learning. The one thing they have in common is the intersection between the two.

The WHY of Action Learning

 .   Organizations that use Action Learning benefit in many aspects of their business. Why is Action Learning so special? The secret is in the formula. By asking questions, it opens thinking and helps teams reach answers to problems.

Intro to Action Learning

 .   How is Action Learning different from problem solving methods from the past? Dr. Bobbie DeLeon gives a brief introduction on Action Learning and explains its power in team and group performance.

WIAL What is Action Learning?

 . Ever wonder what Action Learning is all about? This video will describe that process for you and provide a brief introduction to the strategy of WIAL Action Learning!

WIAL Learning Organization

To keep up with the ever changing industries, you need to have a team that is innovative and forward thinking. Action Learning opens teams up to more creative out of the box thinking that leads to better solutions. See how WIAL can help transform your business into a Learning Organization.

WIAL Breakthrough Problem Solving

Are your problem-solving meetings giving you problems? It’s time for something new! Action Learning starts with discussing the root of the problem before looking into solutions. This way allowing the generation of new possibilities.

WIAL High Performing Teams

Are you dreaming of a high performance team? Action Learning changes the way teams think and operate, allowing them to generate more solutions and perform better together.

WIAL Leadership Development

How are you developing your leaders for tomorrow? Methods of the past do not continue to build upon your teams. WIAL explains how Action Learning creates leaders in your teams and promotes agile working.

Action Learning – A Powerful New Tool

By: Dr. Michael Marquardt

US Department of Housing and Urban Development Office of Chief Information Officer Learning Sessions. Dr. Michael Marquardt explains Action Learning as a Powerful New Tool for Developing Leaders, Solving Problems, Building Teams and Transforming Organizations

Michael Marquardt Talks About Action Learning at UMBC

By: Dr. Michael Marquardt

Learn how Action Learning is not only an effective problem solving process but also has been valuable to a growing number of organizations worldwide as a powerful tool for developing leaders, teams and organizations. Discover the six essential elements for successful action learning programs, explore the steps and processes of action learning, and have the opportunity of practicing action learning.