Agata Dulnik


As a Leadership Development expert, Agata has been heading and delivering strategic consultancy projects for international organizations in the US, Europe, and the Middle East for more than 20 years. Her entire career is strictly related to human resources & leadership development.

She is a certified executive coach and psychometrics assessor and works with clients both in-person and remotely. By way of background, she earned her doctorate in Organizational Development and Leadership from George Washington University, has internationally lectured on management and organizational behavior, authored two books and numerous articles published in the US and Europe and for 15 years has consulted at some of the world’s leading firms (EY, Accenture) and global Fortune 50 corporations (United Technologies, Shell).

On the personal front Agata is a mother of two US-born children currently residing in Europe. She is a health food nut, loves Ayurveda and TCM, nature, walks, meditation, and her dogs.