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Ana Maria Maia Gonçalves is involved as a conflict mediator in various panels of leading international mediation institutes, holding certifications from ICFML, ADRg, and IMI. With over 30 years of experience as a teacher, mediator, organizational manager, and business leader in the international corporate world.

Ana was a board member of Microsoft France for 5 years and Microsoft Portugal for 3 years. In 2011, she founded the Institute of Certification and Training of Lusophone Mediators (ICFML), the primary independent body defining professional standards for mediators in Lusophone countries. For the first ten years, she served as the president, and subsequently, she transitioned the association to operate independently. She serves as the pedagogical coordinator for various training programs at the Catholic University of Portugal – Porto Law School.

She is also a mediator on the Global Mediation Panel of the United Nations Ombudsman’s Office and a member of the National Center for Technology and Dispute Resolution (NCTDR). Additionally, she is a co-founder of the Alliance of Mediators for Universal Disclosure, a global initiative promoting adherence to the Universal Disclosure Protocol for Mediation (UDPM) by ADR and ODR professionals. Ana deals with negotiations and ADR (alternative dispute resolution) processes in organizations, engaging with both internal stakeholders (resolving labor disputes, facilitating board meetings) and external stakeholders in international dispute resolution across various industries.

Ana is passionate about innovative ways of integrating and developing human potential within organizations:

– Through individual self-development (in her role as an executive coach), – By fostering more effective and satisfying teamwork (through her work as a team coach, facilitator and mediator), – By developing practices, processes, and change that enhance productivity and engagement, centered on individuals’ well-being, inclusivity, and respect for human

diversity (in her work designing organizational conflict resolution systems). Ana speaks fluent Portuguese, French and English.

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