Marie Tseng

Director, Educationpeterc

For the past 20 years, Marie has been working with diverse teams across 3 continents, to create deeper mutual understanding and develop compassionate and inclusive teams. Marie is passionate about connecting people and opening meaningful conversations. She blends the theories of academics in the field of intercultural research with her personal experience. Marie has developed a framework for individuals and teams to get a deeper understanding of their cultural biases, values and work habits.

She helps her clients translate global corporate cultures to local context and build roadmaps to make the most of their diversity, bridge the gaps between the many cultures at stake globally.

With her learning coach background, Marie also assists her clients in the long term to assimilate the skills and competencies necessary to sustain cohesive and successful teams in multicultural contexts.

Her clients value the fact that she has an astute understanding for her Asian participants and that she can articulate cultural gaps from both an Asian and a Western perspective. Her key strengths are her strong listening skills, deep level of empathy and a high level of professionalism. She encourages participants to open-up and engage in sensitive and meaningful conversations, to foster trust and effectiveness in teams.

Marie holds a master’s in international management from the EM Normandy Business School. A native French speaker, Marie is fluent in English and Mandarin. She currently lives in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. In her spare time, Marie collaborates with Museums and cultural institutions as a guest curator, speaker, and guide.

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