Peter Cauwelier


Peter Cauwelier is the first Thailand-based WIAL certified action learning coach, and runs WIALThailand since 2013. The mission of WIAL-Thailand is to promote the Action Learning methodology through discovery sessions, training and certification programs, and to develop a network of certified Action Learning coaches in Thailand. Peter reached the level of Master Action Learning Coach in 2017 and has delivered Action Learning training and coaching with organizations in Thailand, the Philippines, India, Vietnam and Singapore, as well as public workshops, both in English and Thai. Peter is member of the board of directors of the World Institute for Action Learning since 2014.

Peter helps teams learn, grow and innovate together, and to take ownership of their own and their company’s future. His TEAM.AS.ONE approach is based on the team’s level of psychological safety. This approach takes the team, with its capabilities and culture, as the starting point for change. The team works together to find solutions tor urgent organizational issues, and explores how to be more effective as a team while doing so. The collaborative atmosphere accelerates the team’s psychological safety. Applying this learning outside of the team creates the foundation for sustained success.

Peter has worked with teams at Bangkok Airways, BG Group, Charn Issara, Decathlon, Dextra Asia, Nestlé, Mane, Mazars, Mane, Michelin, Sri Panwa, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, TATA Motors, Thairung, Thomson Reuters, Tipco, Total, Yum! and Zodiac Aircatering Equipment.

Peter completed a PhD in Knowledge and Innovation Management at Bangkok University