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Sumaia Thomas has 20 years of professional experience working to support and develop leaders For 10 years, she has worked in international consulting companies as a consultant for high-potential professionals in several national and international companies in the financial, civil engineering, food, insurance, banking, advertising and marketing sectors, among others. Her experience is based on the adaptation and application of methodologies of Competence Evaluation, Training for Leadership Development, Change Management, Communication, Feedback, Motivation and Interpersonal Relationships. Postgraduate in Human Resource Management by FIA / SP, graduated in Translator and Interpreter by USJT/SP. She is fluent in English and is qualified in several tools such as MBTI®, TMP, Hogan and Birkman Method in Brazil. Certified in Coaching by ICI - Institute of Integrated Coaching and with specialization in NeuroCoaching and Action Learning (both courses accredited by ICF). Founder of the Consultoria Para Mães Sumaia Thomas - and creator of Blog Para Mães - She took the Action Learning Certification Program last September with Bea Carson - Saint Paul, MN - USA.
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