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Born in 1966, married, three children and 3 grandchildren. Started in 1988 as a teacher. From 1996 till 2000 I've worked as an Office-Manager at an advertisingagency, specialised in ICT. In 2000 I started as a director in a small primary school. After 7 years I became director of another primary school without quiting the first one. I've done this 4 years together. In 2011 it was time to start something new. I became director of my third primary school en got a second primary school together in 2017. This fourth school was a school for special educational needs. Since 2018 I became director of our Expertisecenter and stopped at my third school. I stopped working in the educational sector in 2020 and started a new job as a Manager Revalidation and Advice at Koninklijke Visio, a sector specialised in visually impaired or blind people.
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