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is a non-profit organization dedicated to the growth and advancement of Action Learning in business and government. Simply put, WIAL-USA solves problems, cultivates productive teams, and builds leaders in real time. As organizations face new and increasing pressures, Action Learning is more relevant than ever as an effective solution for solving complex problems and building strong working teams.

Specifically, action learning is remarkable in its ability to:

  • solve problems and challenges with breakthrough and sustaining strategies,
  • develop the leadership skills and qualities needed by twenty-first-century managers,
  • develop teams that continuously improve their capability to form and adapt, and
  • capture, transfer, and apply valuable knowledge at the individual, group, organizational, and community levels.

Additionally, WIAL-USA promotes Action Learning through forums, certification workshops, professional coaching, research, thought leadership, publications and other initiatives.


WIAL Newsletter Q1 2018
2 years ago no Comment

WIAL Newsletter Q1 2018 More details about The WIAL Global Conference in 2018 are released, Meet the new WIAL Board Members, WIAL USA 2018 Conference in Seattle Washington date is set, Read how students are helping themselves, and more!

Trevor Chua
2 years ago no Comment

The Healthcare Leadership College under MOH Holdings Pte Ltd used Action Learning as a foundation for the Activist for Change Programme, one of the key leadership development initiatives. The WIAL Action Learning coaches lead by Mr. Choon Seng Ng participated in the curriculum design, supported the various teams to work on their projects and coached […]

WIAL Newsletter Q4 2017
2 years ago no Comment

WIAL Newsletter Q4 2017 The WIAL Global Conference in 2018 Announced, The 2017 WIAL Award Winners, Flashback to the 2017 WIAL Global Conference, What is 10,000 by 2020?, and more!

WIAL Newsletter Q3 2017
2 years ago no Comment

WIAL Newsletter Q3 2017 Global Conference Shanghai 19-20 October !! THE FULL PROGRAM !!, The Neuroscience of Action Learning, join the 1300 members in the WIAL LinkedIn Group, and more!

Danny Caine
2 years ago no Comment

Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB) created a 9 month customized leadership development program to prepare its top managers to recreate the organization for greater effectiveness over the coming decades in a complex multiple-stakeholder environment. Action Learning was the key part of the program, and the part that participants appreciated the most ! “The Action learning […]

Frédéric Henin
2 years ago no Comment

Auchan Retail in Ukraine is undergoing important changes and management transformations. Looking for a methodology to support the change at the different levels of the organization, Action Learning was confirmed as an excellent integral method and the first feedback is very positive. We have certified 12 Action Learning ambassadors who have in turn trained over […]

Bill Thimmesh
2 years ago no Comment

The United States Department of Justice (DOJ) used Action Learning in 2016 to support six major projects, leading to breakthrough improvement in the procurement processes and uniformity at the U.S. Marshals Service (USMS). WIAL trained LEAP alumni to become coaches for the following cohorts and this approach brought the program to the next level. Since […]

Fatima Olaguer
2 years ago no Comment

RLC’s Malls business unit embarked on a large scale leadership development program based on Action Learning. 17 Action Learning groups of 6-7 members from different divisions worked on some of the most complex business challenges. During 3 months, they identified root causes, developed action steps and implemented their projects while at the same time practicing […]

WIAL Newsletter Q2 2017
2 years ago no Comment

WIAL Newsletter Q2 2017 WIAL Global Conference has been announced, nominations for WIAL Awards are open, join a committee, and more!

Faz Kamaruddin
2 years ago no Comment

For us in AirAsia, Action Learning has helped introduce the concept of learning and leadership competencies in a manner that is practical and real, with teams working together to solve urgent, complex problems. For the past two years Action Learning has been positioned at the grassroots level, with priority focus on problem-solving and team-building skills. […]

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Our Services

We increase the effectiveness of organizations and their ability to improve their bottom line results through:

  • Standalone problem solving methodology to solve critical problems and develop leadership competencies at the same time. While simultaneously developing teams.
  • Methodology to blend with other corporate programs making them more effective: (onboarding, D&I, Training, Leadership Development, Change Management etc.
  • Leadership Development
  • Team Building
  • Team Coaching
  • Coach Training
  • Specific Learning and Development prepackaged programs to be delivered/adapted to the organization: Learning through Questions, Building a Learning Organization etc.
  • Promoting a culture of ongoing engagement and inclusion
  • Team Projects

Coach Certification training and support-

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University Action Learning Classes

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