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A Breakthrough Solution to Reach 10,000 Children

The First Tee is a US-based organization whose mission is to impact the lives of young people by providing educational programs that build character, instill life-enhancing values and promote healthy choices through the game of golf. The Denver, Colorado chapter, The First Tee of Denver, currently works with 6,500 children, but has an ambitious goal to expand its reach. By 2020, they want to help 10,000 kids. Tiffany Maurycy, CALC, started to work with First Tee of Denver as a strategy and performance improvement consultant. But when she discovered Action Learning and became certified as an Action Learning coach, she threw out the agenda she had prepared for the first meeting with the team, and decided on using Action Learning instead. And this evolved into a 6-month Single Problem Action Learning program. By using Action Learning to look at this challenge, the team realized that the solution they had in mind – growing by recruiting more and more staff – was not feasible. A new approach of building partnerships emerged as the most powerful way to move forward. Some of these partnerships will take time to implement. But some, in particular one focusing on disabled children, was successfully implemented within a few weeks to the great satisfaction of all involved. Action Learning not only delivers breakthrough solutions but helps a team to connect and learn in a powerful way. Tiffany incorporated First Tee’s core values as an integral part of the Action Learning sessions. This enhanced the atmosphere of mutual learning and the team’s willingness to practice these values allowed the team members to work together in a powerful way. Tiffany offered her Action Learning sessions and follow up coaching sessions with the team leader free of charge, for a total of 34 pro-bono hours. This is a great example of how Action Learning can make a difference in the world.

The testimonials from the First Tee of Denver team members speak for themselves …

“I wish all meetings ran like this one. Everyone’s voice was heard and the time factor motivated us to drive to consensus and action.” – Susie, Volunteer “I saw something new that I didn’t see as an opportunity before coming into this meeting. I also experienced the power of coming to consensus on the opportunity. I realize that we (my team & I) jump to solutions without agreement as to the problem, goal, etc.” – Paula, CEO of the First Tee of Denver “I found writing down my idea of what I saw the opportunity [to be] as powerful. It helped me with the leadership skill I was working on which was really listening and being bold.” – Debbie, Volunteer