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WIAL Award Category

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Application Award: demonstrate high impact applications of WIAL action learning
• Number and quality of WIAL action learning programs
• Impact of action learning projects within an organization and/or clients
• Use of internal and/or external WIAL action learning coaches
• Support from top management
• Internal and external publicity

Innovation Award: demonstrate a unique solution through using WIAL action learning
• Creative application of WIAL action learning method
• Effective integration of tools and WIAL method
• Beneficial to WIAL coaches in client projects

Coaching Excellence Award: demonstrate quality and quantity of Action Learning Coach
• Application and demonstration of superior WIAL coaching principles
• Endorsements/praise from groups members as well as clients of the action learning project
• Impact of coached action learning project within and outside the organization

Marquardt Research Award: winner will receive 500 US$ !
• A book or article that contributes to the body of knowledge about action learning
• For an article, it should be published in a widely distributed, high quality journal (trade or professional)
• Research methodology can be applied (case study) or theoretical (qualitative or quantitative)
• You are willing to present your research or conclusions at a WIAL Global Conference

Pro Bono Coaching Award: demonstrate WIAL value in contributing to the society
• Social impact of the work completed (how large and important was the impact)
• Time invested
• Quality of work done
• How creative or innovative was the approach to the pro-bono offering

Rules for Eligibility

• All the mandatory fields in the award submission form must be completed to be eligible for the award.
• Past winners of the WIAL Award cannot apply with the same project again.
• In the event of 3rd party nomination, the person putting in the nomination must have gained the consent of the nominee.
• The nominee of company awards must be operational at the time of submission and the nominee of individual awards must have maintained his/her coach certification with WIAL.
• The decision of the Awards Committee on eligibility and selection is final and binding. No appeal or correspondence shall be allowed.
• If a company or individual is selected for any of the award categories, they must use their best endeavors to ensure that they are available for publicity initiatives by WIAL.

Reason for Nomination or Application

Please note that this should cover quantitative and qualitative information that will equip the awards panel to make sound decisions. There should also be a contact point should the awards panel require any additional information.
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