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ACTION LEARNING: A podcast episode w/ Dr. Michael Marquardt‬ on HRD Masterclass

In this first episode of Season 2, guests Dr. Michael Marquardt (Professor Emeritus, George Washington University, U.S.A.) and Dr. Cheryl Brook (University of Portsmouth, U.K.) discussed Action Learning including:
  • What Action Learning is.
  • Examples of Action Learning in organizations.
  • How Action Learning differs from other forms of learning.
  • How to introduce Action Learning into organizations.
  • What makes Action Learning so powerful.

Why Attend a WIAL Conference

WIAL conferences, whether they are local, regional, or global, bring Action Learning to life. Participants share the camaraderie of connecting with old friends while establishing new ones. Speakers range from those focused on the theme to those focused on Action Learning. The one thing they have in common is the intersection between the two.

The WHY of Action Learning

 .   Organizations that use Action Learning benefit in many aspects of their business. Why is Action Learning so special? The secret is in the formula. By asking questions, it opens thinking and helps teams reach answers to problems.