Master Action Learning Coach(MALC)


SALCs with at least WIAL 500 hours of coaching experience and have been at least 3 years as SALC. They are published, presented and considered an expert in the WIAL method of Action Learning. They are a noted presenter at conferences at least at regional level in both WIAL as well as non WIAL forums, and published articles in non-WIAL publications, thesis, chapters or books related to the WIAL method of Action Learning. They are regular contributor to WIAL social media and / or newsletters. Potential MALCs are proposed to the WIAL certification committee by an existing MALC. Three existing MALCs will review the application. In the event of a no vote – the candidate and/or proposing MALC may appeal the decision with supporting evidence.


Considered a thought leader in the field of Action Learning.

Summary of MALC Requirements

Participate in Foundations
Participate in CALC1 & CALC2
Published and speaking as an Action Learning expert
Minimum 500 hours experience
Minimum 3 years as SALC
Lead Leading with Questions OR Introduction to AL
Lead Foundations
Lead CALC1 & CALC2
Lead Intensive CALC
Publish & Present
Additional Requirements
MALC Application

Summary of Annual Requirements to Maintain MALC Level

Submit proof of Action Learning Hours
Attend at least 1 WIAL Sanction event (or volunteer)
Volunteer actively with local Affiliate or on a WIAL committee (or attend WIAL Sanction event)
Submit a Success Story or Publish on Social Media
Lead at least 1 Foundations or CALC or Intensive
Successfully Mentor a CALC
Publish or Present
Write at least 1 article for WIAL Newsletter
Validity Period: 1 year
Renewal through an online form

Authorized to do on Behalf of WIAL

Coach Action Learning
Lead Foundations
Lead Intensive
Mentor CALCs and PALCs
Mentor SALCs

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