Scenario: Laughter

As an Action Learning coach, how would you manage a situation whereby team members are having lots of fun and laughter, cracking jokes with each other and disrupting the session that results in no outcome?

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    Kamila Dzierżanowska


    If, when laughing and joking, they stick to the rule of formulating statements in response to questions, I intervene and say to the group: “I see that some people started joking and laughing, do you see it too?” if the answer is “yes”, then I ask “How does this affect our effectiveness in solving the problem” and the next question (optional) “What can we do differently to increase our effectiveness as a group?” And if their answers to the question “Do they also see it” are mixed, I will ask “I hear that you see how we work differently. What do we do well as a group and what can we do better to solve the problem?” And if everyone says they don’t see the joke, I’ll ask the classic questions “What are we doing well as a group and what can we do better?”


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