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As an Action Learning Coach how would you handle the following situation: Every time the team seems close to getting to consensus a question is asked that takes them someplace else. You realize there are two levels that are being looked at – some participants are focused at a single group level (How do I address this with my group?), others at a corporate level (How do I address this with all groups?).

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    In this scenario, I will use the Situation, Impact, Decision (SID) intervention model. First I will ask the team what is happening particularly on the nature of questions that gets asked and allow the team members to give their observation. I will then follow-on by asking what will happen to the team if we continue to look at 2 different levels of addressing the problem. Finally, I will ask the team what we can do to improve, so that the resolution comes from the team members and they commit to the action.


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    Carla Derijck


    I agree with Ada. I would ask them to write down what the problem as they see it hand is. Than I would ask them – after hearing their observations – what the impact is of looking at the two different levels.This clarifies how team members think what the problem is. As a follow up I would ask the team what is going good on a scale of 1-10 and what they could do better.


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    This is one of those situations that after asking the 3 standard questions, I would go with an “I’ve observed” question.

    I would start with – How are we doing as a team? What are we doing well? What can we do better?

    If no one identified the situation I would go with –

    I’ve observed we are discussing this from 2 levels – has anyone else noticed that?
    What is the impact of moving between the two levels?
    How do we want to decide where to focus out energy today?

    Happy Coaching


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