Helmgras used Action Learning to create unity and connection between the teams of two recently merged schools. Nine team members were trained as Action Learning coaches to build and reshape the direction of the merged school from within. The coaches work on different priority areas and asking questions has become second nature within the school.

“Developing quality requires finding the correct solution for the real problem. For the management team at Helmgras elementary school, this is the foundation for education focused on talent growth.”

Hans Ploeg // Director, Helmgras Primary School

In 2015, our CEO led our executive team to discover the WIAL Action Learning methodology. Later, it was applied to our management team. Now, it is widely used in the whole organization.

Whenever we encounter a complex and important problem, we use Action Learning to find solutions. As a project manager of a new program, I need to explore different possibilities and alternatives with my team members. Sometimes we are confident to move further, but then a powerful question hits us and makes us reconsider our situation. We often realize our idea is not yet clear enough and then find together a clearer and better path.

“Action Learning has become part of our culture and helped us avoid many wrong decisions and actions.”

Howard He // Assistant Vice President, Aviva-Cofco Life Insurance

After I discovered the Action Learning process in a Foundations class, I immediately applied it with my MBA students. Each year, students are struggling to finalize the topic of their thesis and it is always a stressful situation for everyone. We applied Action Learning to get students to think in a more focused way about what research they want.

“The result is that for two years in a row, students finalize their thesis topic in 2 months instead of 6 months.”

Thitiwan Sinthunok, PhD // Lecturer, Panyaphiwat Institute of Management

The top team of the recently merged company used Action Learning to deal with 5 company challenges, with the company President Qiao Hai, as sponsor. After 6 months, the projects resulted in increased revenue and improved customer satisfaction. At the end of the program, President Qiao Hai said:

“I hated training in my whole career life, but this project is the ever best project I have been through.”

Qiao Hai // President, Tempus Group Co., Ltd

“The series of Action Learning sessions has helped me achieve the challenging business goals I had set in half the time I planned. Through better leadership I have developed a strong management team and reduced my work load. Unexpected benefits were getting a far better work life balance and confidential networking with other senior business leaders.”

Sunil K. // Chief Executive, India Asia Region, ACS Group

Essilor deployed a worldwide leadership and team development initiative called Grow Your Team in 2015 with Action Learning as a key component. The Action Learning sessions were so valued and appreciated by those who participated that the Thailand organization decided to internalize Action Learning and to keep on running sessions beyond the initial program. We started to train coaches in 2016 and in 2017 we are running Action Learning sessions with internal coaches once a week.

Participants really value the opportunity to share management issues with peers and to use questions to open up new ideas and views. Action Learning has become an internal process to solve management issues, encourage sharing and learning and definitely helps to build trust between peers.

We are excited to continue the Action Learning sessions this year and beyond.

“Being an Action Learning coach has really helped me to better listen, not just during the sessions but also outside, as a manager with my team.”.

Peter Lynch // Essilor Thailand Grow Your Team Coordinator, Essilor International

“[the Action Learning program] was a great learning experience and the fact that we worked on a current business challenge made it even more valuable. I am taking some concrete actions as a result of this experience…”

Benny Madrid // Marketing Development Manager, Microsoft

“In today’s fast-paced, highly competitive business world, having knowledgeable leaders at every level is our only true competitive advantage. We have found that Action Learning is the best way to align and motivate our organization to leverage that knowledge for competitive advantage.”

Larry Washington // VP, Human Resources, Dow Chemical

“Action Learning has played an important role in helping the Emerging Leaders Network of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to grow into what it is today. Both in terms of our internal organization and external programs, the World Institute for Action Learning has served as an excellent partner and resource.”

Peter Fargo // Special Assistant to the Deputy Assistant Administrator for Science, EPA

“Last week was one of the best leadership development experiences I’ve been a part of at Microsoft; you and the team should be proud of what you put together and the results!”

Dan Grady // Premier Field Engineering Director, Microsoft

“The concepts identified in the Action Learning course made this one of the most powerful training sessions that I have experienced in my 13 years in the training and development field. I was able to take the content and immediately put it to use, creating a dynamic of self-awareness for all of the project participants that typically is not found in a regular classroom setting.”

Susan Mitnick // Senior Director, Sales Training, cbeyond

“I am privileged to have had an opportunity to bring a business challenge to the group – it was a super valuable exercise for me, and certainly beneficial to my business. This was far and away the most valuable EXPO event in my 3 years of participation in the program- GREAT JOB on all fronts.”

Marc Spiotta // Incubation Sales Manager, Microsoft Mobility Business

“In two hours, I accomplished more through the action learning process than I would have achieved in six months.”

Doug Park // Director, Microsoft Xbox Support

“Building teams has become a key goal and achievement of Action Learning at Siemens. Action Learning has helped the company maximize the entrepreneurial spirit and enhance team player qualities such as cooperation and free exchange of ideas. The quality of teams has resulted in more innovative ways of finding new solutions for customer requirements.

Peter Pribilla // Corporate Human Resources, Siemens

“Real progress in business is achieved only by corporations and individuals trying out creative ideas and making them work, by pooling talent, and most of all, by learning while doing. Action Learning is the vehicle for achieving this.

Gerald van Schaik // Former Chairman of Executive Board, Heineken

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