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Third Edition of the field-defining book!

by Michael Marquardt, Shannon Banks, Peter Cauwelier and Choon Seng Ng
Originated by Reginald Evans in the 1940’s, the Action Learning Model was refined and then reintroduced in 1995 by lead author Michael Marquardt to organizations globally as a powerful tool for improving organizational performance. Today, Marquardt is widely considered to be the modern “father” of the Action Learning approach. For this new edition, Marquardt has teamed up with three Action Learning experts from Asia and the UK who bring a broader global approach to what has become THE seminal book in the field.
Each chapter has been updated for alignment with today’s practice and implementation of Action Learning in organizations. In addition, new material, including case studies have been added to most chapters and outdated ones replaced. The authors have added more examples of great questions in Chapter 4 (Questions & Reflections), more discussion of virtual Action Learning in Chapter 3 (The Group) and completely new content in Chapter 7 (The Action Learning Coach), specifically on how to begin Action Learning sessions and how to become a Certified Action Learning Coach.
When working with a client on a business problem through action learning, I ask the sponsor or problem owner to answer a number of questions, in writing, before the first session starts. I have created a one page form with the following questions: Describe the problem … describing context, history and some basic data, key people and departments involved. Why is solving this important ? What has been tried in the past, and was this partly successful or not successful at all ? What do you expect of the team, in terms of recommendations only, or recommendations and actual implementation ? What would be your definition of ‘success’ of the team addressing this challenge ? What is your experience with asking the sponsor to describe his/her problem ahead of the first meeting ? Do you use any other questions ?
During the Single Problem Action Learning session, the coach reminds all team members a few times that they have to think about the actions they will commit to at the end of the session, in preparation for the follow up session. When the coach asks for the actions at the end of the session, several people have listed the same or nearly identical action. How would you react as coach ?