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Charles Lu

HR Friday used Action Learning to move from a social network to a social enterprise. The organization’s key volunteers developed the long term plan and established task force teams to implement the plan in a single year. At the same time, participants developed their leadership and questioning skills tremendously.

“We made great progress in delivering courses and sharing sessions to Taiwan’s HR community. Four years after the start of the Action Learning program, we keep on using Action Learning in our talent development program and in our management meetings.”

Charles Lu
Founder & CEO
HR Friday

We used Action Learning to build a shared vision between owner and management team and developed the goal of creating a so-called self-developing team. We have seen a visible growth of integration inside the company, strengthening the culture of mutual trust and respect. The team and the level of integration inside the team became a value for the team itself.

“Our meetings are now held in the manner of Action Learning, without interruptions, focusing on what was said and not on who said it.”

Vladimir Plasvsky

Leading the learning function within a large and fast growing company as Google, WIAL Action Learning is attractive both in its structure and its results. Through the virtual session we experienced, we were able to bring Action Learning to our teams and integrate the methodology into our problem solving and decision making groups.

“WIAL Action Learning is attractive both in its structure and its results.”

Dr. Veronica Haight
Google People Operations

As an action learning coach, how would you handle the following situation:

Well answering the question “What could be better?” the team slips back into problem solving even though you have not concluded the check in.

Scenario: Guess

As an Action Learning Coach how would you handle the following situation:

The problem presenter decides this is a game where the team members have to guess what they are thinking the real problem is. Consequently, they keep their answer as short as possible, not giving any more information than s absolutely required to answer the question.