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The WIAL Better World Fund

The World Institute for Action Learning (WIAL) is an international organization dedicated to the advancement of Action Learning in all sectors.

In 2015, WIAL established the WIAL Better World Fund to provide Action Learning services to community-based organizations around the world. Grant recipients include organizations and individuals that are working to improve communities and lives globally. Using Action Learning, WIAL creates true partnerships, where leadership are involved in a learning process they can replicate, and recipient organizations identify their own solutions.

In addition to Better World Fund grant recipients, which are selected annually, coaches from the World Institute for Action Learning provide powerful reduced rate or no cost pro-bono coaching to deserving purpose-driven organizations globally. Through this Action Learning work, these organizations solve breakthrough problems and provide even more impact.

Together We Can Make a Difference!

WIAL helps to create a better world by supporting organizations that make a positive social impact. Through delivery of probono coaching and grant funding to non-profits, social enterprises and other purpose-driven organizations, we contribute to positive outcomes globally. Learn more about some of the projects and organizations we have supported.

WIAL Action Learning Helps to Improve Curricular Offerings

Action Learning Helps a Small Village in Burkina Faso Discover Alternative Ideas for Accessing Safe Water


Action Learning Drives Rebuilding of Community Library

Action Learning Improves Cross-functional Communications for a Non-Profit in Taiwan

Pro-bono Program Transforms Lar da Bencao Divina, a Brazilian Non-Profit

WIAL-Brazil Sets a New Bar in Pro-Bono Coaching

A Solution Space for Freelancers & Solopreneurs – Another Audience for Action Learning

Action Learning has a Lasting Impact at a Kenyan Pre-School

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WIAL is a Non-Profit organization that is committed to offering Action Learning services to community-based organizations around the world. By donating to the Better World Fund, you are helping WIAL create true partnership with community-based organizations to improve lives globally. Help us bring Action Learning to communities that could benefit from our services! Let’s work together to create a Better World!



WIAL welcomes applications from non-profit, educational and community-based organizations globally, with priority given to groups that have tax-exemption. Recipients are selected from qualifying organizations based on need and strength of application.



With certified coaches living and working around the world, the World Institute for Action Learning has a positive impact internationally. Our Better World Fund and probono efforts span the globe to make a difference in local communities everywhere.


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