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Aprovechar El Poder del Formación a través La Acción

Boston a Brasil, de Finlandia a Tokio, empresas tan diversas como Samsung, Dow, GE, Deutsche Bank y Boeing comparten una poderosa herramienta de aprendizaje en el lugar de trabajo: la Formación a través de la acción. Han creado miles de nuevos productos y servicios, han mejorado su calidad, han reducido los costos y los plazos de entrega, y han introducido cambios fundamentales en la cultura de sus organizaciones liberando el poder de la Formación a través de la Acción. ha surgido rápidamente como la principal herramienta utilizada por organizaciones como Sodexho, Novartis y Nokia para resolver problemas críticos y complejos, a la vez que sirve como metodología principal para el desarrollo de líderes, la creación de equipos y la ampliación de las capacidades corporativas.

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During my assignment as Head of Marketing Bayer Netherlands, I came across a situation where the company was doing very well financially, but in my conversations with the employees, I discovered that they were less and less proud to tell at social events that they work for Bayer. This had several causes, including the increasingly stringent regulations due to a growing social debate about the usefulness and necessity of chemical crop protection in Dutch agriculture.

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As coaches, many of us use action learning to solve problems and challenges faced by our clients. Most of these challenges are internal business opportunities that when worked on by employees using action learning can help move an organization forward. But what if the challenge were instead presented by a third-party organization, while the group that were solving the problem came predominantly from a different company? And what if the third-party organization was focused on a social challenge? Could action learning bring the two organizations together, leveraging the business insights and experiences of the corporate participants to address a difficult systemic social issue?

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The head of an SME of about 50 people in the printing sector located in the Bordeaux region of France that I met through a short presentation about action learning in a Rotary club wanted to experiment this method to work on their strategic plan for the next five years. After a preliminary meeting in the company where I explained the principles, components and rules of AL to him, he very smartly set up a team of six persons with an adequate diversity of gender, age, experience and function.

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