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is a non-profit organization dedicated to the growth and advancement of Action Learning in business and government. Simply put, WIAL-USA solves problems, cultivates productive teams, and builds leaders in real time. As organizations face new and increasing pressures, Action Learning is more relevant than ever as an effective solution for solving complex problems and building strong working teams.

Specifically, action learning is remarkable in its ability to:

  • solve problems and challenges with breakthrough and sustaining strategies,
  • develop the leadership skills and qualities needed by twenty-first-century managers,
  • develop teams that continuously improve their capability to form and adapt, and
  • capture, transfer, and apply valuable knowledge at the individual, group, organizational, and community levels.

Additionally, WIAL-USA promotes Action Learning through forums, certification workshops, professional coaching, research, thought leadership, publications and other initiatives.


Scenario: Powerful Question

As an action learning coach, how would you handle the following situation: Someone asks a question that changes the depth and understanding of the true nature of the problem.

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    Joop van Nierop


    In what stage is the discussion? How you already can know that a question goes beyond the depth and significance of the problem.
    But when you notice that the group experiences this, you at first can ask the person asking the question to formulate his / her question again.


  • Avatar

    Savath Kuch


    As an action learning coach, I would intervene by asking the team what they think of the problem. I would ask what’s going well and what can be improved regarding the depth and understanding of the true nature of the problem. With this information and realization, I would let the team proceed.


  • Avatar

    Tomasz Pachoł


    1. I wouldn’t like to interrupt group and stop it from benefiting from this useful question.
    2. During the summing up I would talk with the group What did this question do to them?
    What was unusual about this question that made such an impression. What would they need to ask this kind of questions.
    3. I would do intervention to to make the group realize how effective these kind of questions are.


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    Savin Oeun


    Being as coach, I would intervene by asking “how can we do for deeper understand of nature of the problem?


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