Scenario: Redundant Actions

As an Action Learning Coach how would you handle the following situation:

During the Single Problem Action Learning session, the coach reminds all team members a few times that they have to think about the actions they will commit to at the end of the session, in preparation for the follow up session. When the coach asks for the actions at the end of the session, several people have listed the same or nearly identical action. How would you react as coach ?

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    Elizabeth Rushton


    I would note “I observe that several of you have taken the same action, what is the impact of that?” It may be that that is purposeful and they need to take the same action to get the necessary result. But, if there is a negative impact or duplication from taking the same action, then I would ask “so how can we overcome that?” I would then ask the group to repeat their actions to be completed prior to the next session.


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