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As an action learning coach, how would you handle the following situation: Your action learning group has met several times, asking questions to better clarify the nature of the problem as presented by the problem owner’s delegate in the initial session.  It became clear after the second session however that the delegate could not answer most of the questions the group was posing, so the group agreed the problem owner should be invited to the next session.  The problem owner came to the next session for about 45 minutes due to his tight schedule, and cancelled two meetings with the group over the next month.  The delegate was running into scheduling roadblocks with the problem owner, despite his initial pledge that he was fully supportive of the effort.  The delegate was becoming concerned that she was loosing credibility with team members and that they were losing motivation to participate.

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    Marie Tseng


    I would ask the delegate in private first if this (running late and being over-loaded) was a recurrent problem of the problem owner.
    If it was, I would suggest the team to first address how they could communicate better with the real problem owner in the future in an AL session.


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