Scenario: Different Opinion

As an Action Learning Coach how would you handle the following situation: You ask the team members how we are doing on a scale of 1 – 10. Most of the members say 7 or 8. One says 2.  

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    Denise Locke


    I would expand on this and ask the team the “what are we ding well” question and the “what could we do even better” question to see if similar points emerge from all of the team members. I would ask the other team members what they thought about the responses to those questions given by the person who gave the score of 2. I would also think about asking the group what 10 looked like to see if there was any congruence in the responses to that. Given the disparity in scores I would definitely intervene again to ask the same question of the group to see if the scores had changed. Before the second intervention on the point I would spend time observing the lower scorer to see if they appeared disengaged or frustrated in any way or were struggling to ask questions to see if there was another context to their low score that I had not already observed.


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