Scenario: Back tracking

As an action learning coach, how would you handle the following situation: The team has decided they should capture the themes that they are hearing on the white board. As they begin someone asks another question that leads them back to investigating the problem.

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    Luz Longsworth


    I would ask the team to consider what are the advantages of still capturing the themes already heard and then returning to investigate the problem. If they agreed to still capture the themes we would go ahead and do that and then I would return to the script and ask for the new questions and statements cycle to begin. Once they agree that they are ready to capture the themes again I would ask them how they wish to do so. Once they have captured the second set of themes I would ask the team if they wish to comment on what they see as different or similar between the two sets of themes. Finally I would ask each person if there is now agreement (YES, NO or CLOSE) on the problem. If Yes or Close we can then proceed to the next set of questions on the script.


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