Scenario: Bathroom Break

As an action learning coach, how would you handle the following situation: The session has been going for a long stretch and participants start stepping out to use the bathroom.

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    Keith Almalvez


    Bathroom breaks or bio breaks can’t be helped sometimes, but proper intervention needs to be in place to ensure the Action Learning session will still be a productive one. I will start calling out the team’s attention by asking “Team, I observed we’re already working for XX minutes now and some of our members stepped out. Have you also noticed it?” Once the team affirmed, I’ll continue by asking “Team, what would be the impact if members are stepping out while we’re still in session?” After the team provided their insights, I’ll ask “As a team, how would you like to handle the session with some members not present?” If the team suggests to wait for them, then I’ll ask them in return how many minutes should we wait before resuming the session. If the team decides to call for a short break, I’ll ask the team to decide how long the break should be factoring in the remaining time in the Action Learning session. This is also a good opportunity to ask the team (once they’re back or complete) to have an agreement when it comes to the frequency of bio breaks in the session.


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