Scenario: Distrusting Culture

As an action learning coach, how would you handle the following situation: A year earlier the organization was a acquired by another company. All fun activities were cut from the budget (picnics, team outings, etc.) and were replaced with ridged procedures. This team is tasked with making the workplace fun again. The top HR person on the team is convinced it will never happen and says so with every idea.

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    Rifki Feriandi


    As an action learning coach, I see that in this situation, the right of leadership skills chosen by the member is important. And this is the right time for the team to get learning of their leadership skills. Therefore I would ask or challange the team to pick a leadership skills that really important to bring a solution of this problem. The leadership skills such as creativity (or creative thinking), open to change, reframing, critical thinking and deaing with paradox are the skills I expect team members will pick. Necesssarily when there is an opportunity to intervene, I would remind the team to practise their leadership skills when they ask questions. I would also offer the team a 20-30 seconds of break to reflect on how their performance on practising their leadership skills and how they want to improve.


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