Scenario: Enough is enough

As an action learning coach, how would you handle the following situation: A member of the team bangs their hands on the table and stands angrily.

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    This Action Learning Coach (ALC ) would allow the said team member (TM) to vent out . When the TM has calmed down, he/she will invited by the ALC to sit down and rejoin the team session if and only if he/ she is ready and the team is willing to continue. Now, this ALC will then proceed to ask, ” Team , you and I just witnessed a team member display an outburst of emotion. How did the behaviour affect you as a member of the team? How did it impact the group process ? After sorting out the variety or commonality of thoughts and feelings, this ALC proceeds to ask the group what actions need to be done to move forward?” After consensus has been reached, ALC asks the group where the group was before the incident. Who has the next question?


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