Scenario: Missing Action

As an action learning coach, how would you handle the following situation: A team member did not complete the tasks that she had agreed to do at the session held last month.

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    Usually our disciplined coaching practise ends a previous session with a shared understanding among TMs the need to complete assigned tasks before next scheduled session. Now, that being set as a norm, this ALC will start the follow up session by asking each and every TM to present to the team the action items they committed to do in he previous session. If a team member does NOT do any of the tasks expected from him/ her, this ALC will do a learning intervention that asks all TMs including the TM that did not complete the tasks with two concerned inquiries: first, what happened, why were the tasks not done and what is the impact of the non completion of work assigned in the session? The second inquiry will be, what can TMs do to ensure that they complete their assigned tasks?


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