Scenario: New information

As an action learning coach, how would you handle the following situation: The team decides to capture some of the information they are discussing on a white board. The person that moves to the white board flips the leadership skills out of view.

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    Paulina Gucka


    As AL coach I would make an intervention saying:
    “I see that leadership skills list is out of our view now. How it will impact our work on these skills?” If the group’s answer is ,that it will make skills’ development harder during the meting, I would ask: “What we can do about it, to stay focused on skills development?”.
    If the group’s answer is, that it will make no difference, I would ask: “How do you know that?” and continued in the direction of group experiencing how it is with skills visible & without skills visible. After group experienced both, I would ask: “As you have tried both scenarios – with & without skills visible for you, what is your conclusion about it?” and “How are you going to proceed in the future in such situation?”


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