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As an action learning coach, how would you handle the following situation: The problem presenter says they were not helped at the end of the session.

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    Suzan Koike


    This is a risk that can occur in a first session, so I would welcome the point raised by the problem presenter, mainly as a positive question, asking: What would make you feel helped? After the answer, I would ask a subsequent question that would generate learning and reflection, as the point placed could also generate frustration in the group.


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    Sneha Govind


    Very often, when the group gets started and warms up to the concept of Action Learning, such scenarios can happen. Assuming this could’ve happened during the very first session – I would approach it with the following set of questions to the presenter/group –

    (To the presenter)

    1) What can this group do to contribute better, so that you feel helped?
    2) What are you expecting to gain out of the second session?

    (To the group)

    1) How did we do as a group?
    2) What could we have done better to have helped the presenter?
    3) How will we contribute for the next session?


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