Scenario: Please Explain

As an action learning coach, how would you handle the following situation:

A participant asks another participant to explain what the intent behind their question was.

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    Jonathan Tice


    As an action learning coach I would certainly pay close attention to this situation. If the participant asks the other participant of their intent behind the question because they truly are trying to comprehend then I would allow the situation to continue. If this question causes confusion then I would use a standard intervention to keep the group on track and subsequently ask them what they thought about the quality of their questions. This will remind everyone to not only be creative, but deliberate with what questions they ask each other.

    However, if the participant asked the other participant of their question’s intent because there may be conflict between the individuals then I would potentially seek to intervene at that moment. If this is the case I would simply give the observation of there being some difficulties with this question, and then ask the group how they are doing. I could also ask the group about the quality of the questions being asked or what is the impact of the questions being asked. It is important to mitigate any personal conflict and questions are the best way to intervene in this situation.


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