Scenario: Problem Shift

As an Action Learning Coach how would you handle the following situation:

The team is shifting in their understanding of the true nature of the problem. For instance the original problem is presented as “How should we restructure the organization for efficiency?” and they are shifting to “The communication between team members has eroded to the point that we work against each other instead of helping each other.”

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    Steve Morgan


    I assume that my first intervention came much earlier since the group seems to be landing on agreement on the problem. I would do another shorter intervention to ask each person if we have agreement on the problem – yes or no? I would have each person write down in their own words what they believe the real problem is now. After people read their responses, I would ask “Do we have agreement? yes, no or close. If no agreement, I would ask, “What would help us get to consensus?” If yes or close, I would ask, “How would we like to capture what we’ve agreed the problem is?” …Then, who has the next question?


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