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As an action learning coach, how would you handle the following situation: The team consists of a vice president and four of his reports. One of the reports asks a question and the vice president asks – “Why did you ask that?”, The Vice president than asks a question that a team member than asks – “Why did YOU ask that?” – their tone makes it clear that they are retaliating for the boss having questioned someone’s question.

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    Chui Shan So


    This is a great learning opportunity that I will intervene at this moment, by asking “I observed both Mr.VP and One of the reports (Mr.A) were asked “Why did you ask that?” after someone asked a question.
    I here invite all of you think about What May Be the good intentions of Mr.VP as well as Mr. A. I will try to create a safe environment and invite everyone to talk.
    Then, I will ask Mr. VP and Mr. A: What are the real intentions behind your question of “Why did you ask that?”
    Then, I will ask if there is another way to express your good intention, what is it?
    Moreover, how would you like your team to support you to implement it?
    (sure, it is more important to follow the flow of the intervention. My coaching questions need to be adjusted based on their feedback. Reflection on their thinking behind is the point.)


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