Scenario: The Race is On

As an action learning coach, how would you handle the following situation:

The team races to consensus on the problem. They are saying the same words but have not really talked about what the words mean.

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    Arlene McComie


    As the AL Coach I will take a poll by asking each participant if we have agreement on the problem. I will then ask each member of the team to write down in their own words what they believe is the ‘real problem’ that we need to help the problem presenter with. I will then ask each person to read what they wrote. Once the sharing is completed I will again ask the team if they are in agreement that the real problem was captured – ‘yes’; ‘no’ or close.
    If there is no agreement I will ask the question – ” What will help us to get to consensus?’
    If there is close agreement I will ask – “How would we like to capture what we have agreed the problem is”
    If there is consensus on the problem I will advise the team that they have an additional 10 minutes within which to ask questions at the end of which the Problem Presenter will have an opportunity to share what actions she/he is going to take as a result of the session.


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