Scenario: The Race is On

As an action learning coach, how would you handle the following situation: You are working with a team that values being the fastest at everything – including reaching consensus on the problem. Instead of writing the problem in their own words they mimic the words said by the Problem Presenter. They happily agree they are at consensus since the words they say match.

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    Trang Thu


    As the action learning coach, in this situation I still show confidence in the members. I’m going to signal the team to pause for a moment to check in on what’s going on is your choice:
    – Hi team. Can we tell me how we are doing as a team on a 10-point scale (1 is very bad, 10 is very good)?
    – According to Coach’s observations, we are reaching consensus by repeating the words of the presenter with almost identical words. How do you feel about this, please share with the members.
    – So do you still keep this choice or will do something different.
    – Please invite the team to continue working


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