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As an action learning coach, how would you handle the following situation: One of the participants suggests that each team member draw a picture of what they see the problem is. Everyone is enthusiastic to give it a try.

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    Andrea See


    Referring to the Action Learning #1) Ground Rules, where no direct mention of this is indicated, and #2 Outline/Script — “Let’s write it down – Ask each member to read what he’she has written.” — and it’s not “what he/she has drawn”, I would cotinue with this whole intervention portion by doing an SID:

    “It seems that several participattns are enthusiastic about drawing a picture of the problem. Does it also seem that way to you?”

    “I will be asking you all to read what you have written down. If you were to all a picture of what the problem is, what would the impact be?”

    “How do we move forward?”

    So several outcomes could emerge. My intent as the AL Coach is to enforce what in explicitly enforceable based on the AL outline, build on the enthusiasm of the group, encourage them to come up with a solution together, and keep to the spirit of team learning and taking action.


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    Jennie Verano


    What is your intention to draw? How can this be helpful to you? What outcome to come from this?

    Then, I probably will allow them to do it. I’ll combine their visuals with AL goal in first intervention where we want each person to write their problem statement. So, I’ll probably say ” Yes, and… let’s combine visuals with written. How we see the problem and how to state the problem. There’s a saying “a picture paints a thousand words”. May I suggest – “a picture paints a sentence”? Everyone draws their picture of what they see the problem is. Below your picture, write down your 1-sentence problem statement. How does that sound, team?”


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