Scenario: Wow

As an action learning coach, how would you handle the following situation: At the end of the session when you ask the team members what they will take back with them, one of the participants says – we are already seeing a shift in how we work together. It’s amazing – people are making sure they understand the problem before jumping to solutions, they are asking powerful curious questions, and they are taking time to really listen to each other.

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    Ada Chui Shan So


    It’s a WOW Scenario.
    First of all, I will recognize his/her seeing and findings. And ask questions based on the three levels of learning: Self/ Team/ Organization.
    At the Team level:
    We are now seeing a shift, and what elements are essential for us to keep it on in our Team?Chunking down to Self Level:
    For your own self, what is the important learning?
    Chunking up to Organization:
    What would be the next step for our team to inspire the whole organization about this transformation?


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