Scenario: Prioritized Problems

As an action learning coach, how would you handle the following situation: The organization has prioritized multiple problems for multiple teams to work on. The teams are arguing that they all need to work on the top priority problem.

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    Paulina Gucka


    First that comes as question to the team is: “Why is it so important for all the teams to work on this one particular problem?” and “What we learn out of this situation?”. Than my reaction would depend on the answers that I hear from teams. Probably, we would need to work on a kind of solution that helps us to decide who works on what as the organization expects to work on multiple problems not only on 1 of them.


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    Jessica Low


    As an Action Learning coach, I’ll ask the following questions:

    1. I observed the teams are arguing that they need to work on the top priority problem from the multiple problems presented by the organisation, how are we doing as a team on a scale of 1 (poor) to 10 (excellent).

    2. Depending on the feedback, the following follow up questions would be asked:
    – what does the score of 2 or 3 mean to you? (as they are arguing, some members may rate as low – address to those who give the such score)
    – what does 5 or 6 mean to you? (some may see it as a good way to discussion in deciding which problem to work on – address to those who give the such score)

    3. What can the team do to move from 2 or 3 to a higher score (closer to excellent)?


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