Scenario: Pulling Rank

As an action learning coach, how would you handle the following situation:

A higher ranking participant of the team decides to pull rank and asks another team member – “Do you want to stay employeed?”

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    david tsipenyuk


    As a coach, I would do 2 things to reinforce positive behaviour in the group. Firstly, I would communicate to the group to have optimal performance during the action learning process it is important to remember the 2 ground rules. I would ask the group who would like to to repeat the ground rules? Once the selected member repeats the 2 ground rules, I would follow up, with regardless of rank, tenure, position in specific organization, etc. anyone can ask a question of anyone at any time without negative repercussions. Second, I would have a separate conversation during break with higher ranking individual about the important of following the action learning protocol if option results want to be attained.


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