Scenario: Puzzle

As an action learning coach, how would you handle the following situation: The presented problem is how do I update the operating system on my laptop.

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    Wanchana Kaewwirun


    Explain to the presenter that. There are many tools to fix the problem. Action Learning Session will help the complex and compliated problem that can’t be easy to fix or handle. Can’t find the exactly solution. No manual to help. It’s not like the missing jigsaw which just need that piece to fill in.

    I wil point out to the presenter and ask him/her, what make him/her come up with this question?

    Wait for the response and notice his/her non-verbal and verbal languages. May ask to check feeling, thinking for exploration.


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    David RECORD


    As the Coach, in the situation like this, I would remind the team that within Action Learning, the ideal problem is one where the possible solutions may not have been full explored and that there is no single right or wrong answer.

    Neither is is simply a puzzle, where a single correct answer has already been determined and written down or contained within a manual or policy.

    For that reason, because the problem they have proposed is one of the above, I would recommend to the group that they do not use the Action Learning approach in this case.


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